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I to have had bad luck with these online pharmacies.Beware when ordering because one is linked to another I originally ordered through that then connected me with frontier pharmacy then so on.

Finally 4 #'s later and four days of trying to call I got through to a 866-385-5090 #

The sales rep then took my name and account # then said just a minute while I look that up. Well she quickly put me on hold for 3-5 minutes. I was so mad by then I just wanted to tell someone off. Finally after waiting another rep put me on and I had to give her my infor again because the first lady just pawned me off.

She did after I told her of my experience cancel my order and said she would credit back the 19.95 processing fee. She gave me confirmation #'s and said she would email me the the receipts. I have not seen them yet.

GOOD LUCK to any one else.

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